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Skillfully remove oil pump

Skillfully remove oil pump

Faults with poor performance
Reporters learned from the relevant agricultural departments in the district yesterday that the problem of oil pump failing to come in after overhaul or overhaul was solved. The oil filter or the oil outlet pipe should be removed, and then the oil injector should be used to fill the oil outlet hole of the body. Immediately put on the filter or the oil pipe leading to the oil indicator, and the oil will be pumped up after starting.
Fatigue Breakage Fault of Skillfully Drawing Hydraulic Tubing
Hydraulic tubing is prone to fatigue failure due to frequent changes in oil pressure and high oil temperature, resulting in frequent wall relaxation. In order to prolong the service life of hydraulic tubing effectively, it is better to use thin wire to fir into a spring and put it into the tubing as a support.
Braking failure failure of skillfully arranged hydraulic brake locomotive
It is necessary to carefully check the main and branch brake pumps, change the brake oil on time, completely eliminate the air in the brake pipeline, and check whether the brake pedal meets the scientific height. The locomotive with pneumatic brake should check and adjust the maximum brake working pressure, and check whether the brake bowl and hose have abnormal changes.