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The car oil pump is loud

The car oil pump is loud

When the car oil pump appears loud, it is mainly due to the problem of the gasoline pump. Gasoline pump plays an important role in the operation of the car. The function of the gasoline pump is to suck gasoline out of the tank and press it into the float chamber of the carburetor through the pipeline and the gasoline filter. It is because of the gasoline pump that the gasoline tank can be placed in the rear of the car far from the engine and lower than the engine.
Oil pump
If it is determined that the other components are not working, the sound of the gasoline pump is true, indicating the temporary stuck phenomenon on the right of the gasoline pump. This kind of sound sometimes does not exist, even if the demolition inspection can not see any problem. You can pay more attention to observation, and then repair the intention of the gasoline pump to rely on the gasoline itself to heat, if there is too little fuel tank storage more times, then it is a damage to the gasoline pump. You can't always wait until the gasoline alarm lights are on to refuel. Of course, if the vehicle has a small mileage, increase the refueling frequency. Let the gasoline pump fully heat dissipation in the gasoline tank, especially in summer.
The main manifestations of failure of gasoline pump are: 1. inaccurate oil meter display; 2. no or low oil pressure.