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Improvement of Market Situation of High Temperature Gear Oil Pump

Improvement of Market Situation of High Temperature Gear Oil Pump

High temperature gear oil pump can reduce the rejection rate. In the die-casting process, the mould begins to need preheating. In the past, it took time and money to raise the temperature of the mould by beating several models of alloy solution. With die-casting temperature machine, die preheating can be directly heated to the required temperature with die-casting temperature machine, and waste products will not occur during preheating. die-casting temperature machine can reduce the waste rate to 80%, and the heating time to 30%.
The distance between the inlet of the intake pipe of the high temperature gear oil pump and the bottom and wall of the intake pool is less than the diameter of the intake. If there is sediment and other pollutants at the bottom of the pond, when the distance between the inlet and the bottom of the pond is less than 1.5 times of the diameter, it will result in poor water intake or sediment impurities suction during pumping, which will block the inlet.
High temperature gear oil pump applications: widely used in plastic rubber processing industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, paint industry, wood processing industry, food industry, paper printing and other liquid heat carrier heating. industry. KCG, 2CG Miniature High Temperature Gear Pump Structural Features: This series of high temperature pump consists of gear, shaft, pump cover, shaft end seal and other parts, all parts are made of suitable temperature resistant materials. The working parts of KCG and 2CG high temperature pumps are lubricated by the medium they transport. KCG high temperature pump is equipped with safety valve, which can prevent damage to pump and motor caused by overload.
Iron castings such as bottom valves and elbows of high-temperature gear pumps should be cleaned with steel wire brushes, then coated with anti-rust paint and then painted, and stored in the machine room or storage room after drying.
Commonly used cold water pumps refer to pumps that can transport liquids below 80 degrees C. They are called cold water pumps, and pumps whose temperatures range from 80 degrees C to 120 degrees C are called hot water pumps.
KCG, 2CG miniature high temperature gear pump uses PTFE as raw material, which has excellent thermal adaptability and ensures the sealing function at high temperature.
1. Before use, check the cables, switches, shock protectors and so on. Switches and other electrical appliances should operate normally, and the cables should not be damaged, and pay attention to carefully identifying the cables. Yellow and green double-color wires are grounding wires to avoid the occurrence of leakage and electric shock.
(1) The distance between the inlet of the intake pipe and the bottom and wall of the intake pool is less than the diameter of the intake pipe. If there is sediment and other pollutants at the bottom of the pond, when the distance between the inlet and the bottom of the pond is less than 1.5 times of the diameter, it will result in poor water intake or sediment impurities suction during pumping, which will block the inlet.
(2) When the inlet depth of the intake pipe is not enough, it will cause a whirlpool around the intake pipe, which will affect the water and reduce the outflow. The exact installation method is that the water inflow depth of small and medium-sized pumps should not be less than 300-600 mm and that of large pumps should not be less than 600-1000 mm.
It is well known that gear pump, screw pump, marine centrifugal pump, rotor pump, special gear pump and other related industries rely on the foundry industry. With the increasing environmental pollution in recent years, haze invades us from time to time.
This will definitely eliminate low-end products, special gear pumps and other related products will be greatly improved. I believe that Made in China will definitely experience the sublimation of Phoenix Nirvana, let Chinese wisdom influence the world, let Made in China spread all over the world, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream!