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Reliable performance and high wear resistance of small flow impurity residue pump

Reliable performance and high wear resistance of small flow impurity residue pump

Residual oil pump is a kind of pump which is different from gear pump and suitable for conveying serious wear of pump products. In the process of conveying heavy oil, kerosene, tar and so on, the effect is very good, which avoids the wear of ordinary gear pump shaft and sleeve. In petroleum exploitation, the biggest use of centrifugal pump is secondary recovery by water injection. What level can a small flow residual oil pump achieve? Jintai Xiaobian gives you a detailed explanation and explanation. These pumps include units that collect crude oil used on the continents and oceans, units for pipeline transportation of crude oil and refined products, and loading and unloading units of tankers, tanker trucks, barges or railway tankers, all of which can be referred to as small-flow residual oil pumps.
The products are manufactured with high strength wear resistant materials, which are used to transport different petroleum products in the whole temperature and pressure range, The stability of the products is better. Jintai specializes in manufacturing residual oil pumps, including reciprocating pumps for circulating mud during drilling operations and submerged centrifugal pumps driven by deep well sucker rod pumps. hydraulic sucker rod-less pumps or motors, which have good product quality and low repairing rate, Centrifugal pumps are used to transport various liquids in all liquid pipelines in the world. At present, there are ZYB and GWB series of small flow residue pumps.