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Maintenance Method and Starting Notice of Oil Pump

Maintenance Method and Starting Notice of Oil Pump

Oil pumps are often used to transport highly corrosive, abrasive or variable fluids. Pump shell, shaft and bearing raw materials must first be matched with the pumping liquid. When high temperature is considered, the planning of oil pump becomes complicated, and even the thermal expansion of various data needs to be considered. In the operation of oil pumps, different quality factors should be taken into account to play an important role in talent and ensure that they can play an important role in the profession. The preheating of the oil pump is right. It can prevent parts from being damaged by high temperature shock. Preheating is recommended when the temperature of pumping fluid is higher than 150 C. When using mechanical seals, the oil pump should be preheated to within 30 degrees of operating temperature difference in order to prevent damage to the sealing surface. Jacket pump can be preheated by steam, heat medium and electric heating method. Viscosity is the resistance of fluid movement. The problem of high viscosity operation is how to make the fluid enter the pump. The oil pump rotates very slowly so that the fluid enters the cavity between the unmeshed teeth, which constitutes the suction force to suck the fluid into the pump. The tighter the gap, the better the internal sealing and suction of the oil pump. (1) Preparations before starting the oil pump: 1. Whether the steering of the test motor is correct (with the direction indicated on the pump body), the test time should be short to prevent the internal change of the pump from drying and wearing out of the grinding parts due to the non-liquid smoothness; 2. Turn over the exhaust valve to fill the whole pump body and close the exhaust valve after being full; 3. Check whether the parts are normal; 4. The high temperature type should be preheated first, and the temperature should be raised. Speed 50 C/h to ensure uniform heating of components. (2) Engine oil pump start: 1. Close pump outlet valve; 2. Open pump inlet valve completely; 3. Start motor, inquire whether pump operation is normal; 4. Dispatch outlet valve opening to the required working conditions, such as the user installed flow meter or pressure gauge at the pump outlet, should make the pump work at the rated points listed in the function parameter table by dispatching outlet valve opening, such as the user at the pump outlet. When no flowmeter or pressure gauge is installed, the outlet valve opening should be adjusted; the motor current of the pump should be measured to make the motor operate within the rated current, otherwise the outlet valve opening adjusted well will be related to the small and pipeline working conditions; 5. To check the leakage status of the shaft seal, the leakage of the mechanical seal should be less than 3 drops/drop in normal time. 6. Look at the motor, the temperature rise at the bearing is less than 80 C. (3) Oil pump maintenance methods: 1. Often fatliquoring, electric oil drum pump for high-speed work, smooth grease is easy to evaporate, so that the bearing smooth can be kept clean, and pay attention to replacement. 2. Oil pumps are often inspected for repairs. Electric oil drum pumps should be inspected and repaired frequently. Power supply wires should be inspected: internal wiring, plugs, switches are outstanding, insulation resistance is normal, brush tailstock is loose, commutator and brush contact is outstanding, armature winding expansion stator is suitable for interruption, bearing and rolling parts are damaged, etc. 3. Keep the electric pumps in a dry, clean and non-corrosive environment. 4. Keep each part and change the same parts well. When disassembling and inspecting the oil pump, every part should be well preserved. Special attention should be paid to the flameproof surface of flameproof parts, the flameproof surface of flameproof parts, the insulating liner and sleeve, which can not be damaged. If there are damages, new identical parts should be replaced. Substitute materials or parts that do not conform to the original standards should not be selected, and the parts should be installed in accordance with the original standards. Fix the position first, and don't lose it. 5. The oil pump should pay attention to the insulation resistance, and place the electric pumps unnecessary or used in wet environment for a long time. The insulation resistance of the windings can be measured by a 500V megohm meter before using. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor case is less than 7 megaohms, the winding will be dull treated.
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