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The last morning meeting in 2018

The last morning meeting in 2018


On December 24, 2018, the early morning meeting of Hengniu Company was held as scheduled. Every member arrived at the meeting place before the stipulated time. Everyone was full of energy and seemed to be not afraid of the cold in the early morning and winter. The morning meeting is a medium for disseminating corporate culture. It can cultivate good habits and behavioral concepts. Through morning meetings, it can promote work education, work ethics and work habits. Continuous promotion, continuous improvement will inevitably yield something, thus enhancing the whole. The quality of the company's employees. In the morning meeting, the heads of departments should report the latest work situation and arrange the day's work tasks. Facilitate the exchange of information between departments. All levels of management personnel clean and control everyone and everything in an all-round way to improve the mental outlook of employees, create an organizational learning culture, establish mutual inspection, supervision and evaluation mechanism, focus on corporate brand culture to guide corporate behavior, and enhance core competitiveness. . Through the morning meeting, each workshop can carry out production arrangement, market reaction, and communication of superior instructions, so that employees can more clearly understand the company's policies and policies, market operation and their own work direction, and improve work efficiency. Each member of Hengniu Company conducts tracking and management through early meetings, reviews, analyzes and corrects quality anomalies, reviews past work, summarizes experiences, and corrects missing. Every member of Hengniu Company will make a perfect end with 100% effort at the end of 2018, At the end of the morning meeting, Mr. Liu sent a safe fruit to every employee, and he wished the most sincere blessing to every employee!