Die casting workshop

Hengniu Die Casting Workshop was officially completed and put into operation in October 2010. There are 20 employees in the workshop. It has four brand Yizhimi Die Casting Machines and one Haitian Die Casting Machine. Annual production capacity of 500-600 tons of die-casting aluminium parts. It mainly produces more than 200 kinds of auto parts and friction parts.

Workshop staff adhere to the enterprise spirit of "sincere unity, dedication, enterprising, pioneering" and take "building harmony and revitalizing the enterprise" as their responsibility.

People-oriented, scientific management, attention to details, continuous realization of safe production, service company business development. Under the company's long-term strategic plan, three sets of fully automatic production equipment were introduced into the workshop in 2016, which achieved the strategic objectives of high efficiency, energy saving, cost reduction and output value increase.