Look at these changes in the 40 years of reform and opening up from motorcycles!

Nowadays, it is common to drive a car, but at the beginning of reform and opening up, owning a motorcycle has a very unusual experience. "Things are rare and expensive. At that time, motorcycles were still rare and few people could afford to ride motorcycles." In 1997, 37 year old Zhang Weilin bought the first motorcycle in his life, a Jincheng Suzuki worth more than 9000 yuan. "The blue metal shell is particularly conspicuous. I ride it to and from work every weekday. Wearing a bright red helmet, it looks very imposing."

China's motorcycle industry started after the reform and opening up. Under the guidance of the policy of "military civilian integration", military enterprises began to develop civilian motorcycles. Subsequently, in September 1979, the first "Jialing" motorcycle of China Jialing Group was successfully assembled. With the pace of reform and opening up, private enterprises continue to enter the motorcycle market, and the motorcycle industry develops rapidly. However, in 1985, after a paper of restrictions on motorcycles was issued, nearly 180 cities successively banned and restricted motorcycles. Then, the mass production of automobiles is gradually realized, and electric vehicles run all over the streets. The modes of transportation become diversified. Motorcycles are no longer "fresh objects", and their functions as means of production are gradually marginalized.

Now, the new era of motorcycles has opened the entertainment mode, and the expensive heavy motorcycles have become "new rich". Many motorcycle clubs have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and old brand imported motorcycles such as Harley and BMW have once again become status symbols.

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