What are the symptoms of the broken oil pump?

Once the oil pump is damaged, the oil pressure cannot be established, resulting in poor lubrication of the engine, which will not only affect the power performance and fuel economy of the whole vehicle, but also aggravate the degree of wear of the engine, which may easily lead to slip or even direct scrapping. Therefore, we must pay attention to the damage of the oil pump. If the above symptoms occur and the oil alarm light is still on, we need to check whether the oil pump is abnormal.

Causes of oil pump damage:

Use engine oil with poor quality or wrong model. Good engine oil can prolong the maintenance period properly. Poor quality engine oil will only accelerate engine wear, causing abnormal noise and mechanical damage. At the same time, due to climate reasons, when selecting oil products in different places, attention should be paid to the meaning of the model and the low temperature resistance and viscosity of the oil.

Clogged oil filter will also cause the oil pump supply pressure to increase. Working under such high load for a long time will cause accelerated deterioration of the oil pump.

The drop of oil level will reduce the heat dissipation effect of the oil pump, and "dry pumping" will lead to serious heating and damage of the lines in the oil.

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