Maintenance of oil filter

The filter accuracy of oil filter is within 10 μ~ fifteen μ Its function is to remove impurities in the oil and protect the normal operation of the bearing and rotor. If the oil filter is blocked, it may cause insufficient fuel injection, affect the service life of the main engine bearing, increase the exhaust temperature of the engine head or even shut down.

How to maintain the oil filter?

Every 100h or one week: clean the primary filter screen of the oil filter and the coarse filter screen on the oil tank. When cleaning, remove the filter element and brush off the dirt on the net with a wire brush. In harsh environment, the air filter and oil filter shall be cleaned frequently.

Every 500h: clean the filter element and blow it dry. If the dust is serious, thoroughly clean the oil filter to remove the dirt at the bottom of the deposit.

After the first 500 hours of operation of the new machine, the oil filter element shall be replaced. Remove it with a special wrench. Before installing a new filter element, add screw oil. Screw the sealing ring of the filter element back to the oil filter base with both hands and tighten it.

Replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. When changing the oil, the oil filter element can be changed at the same time. When the environment is bad, the replacement time shall be shortened.

It is forbidden to use the oil filter element beyond the time limit. Otherwise, the filter element will be seriously blocked, and the bypass valve will automatically open if the pressure difference is too high, and a large amount of dirt and particles will directly enter the screw engine with the engine oil, causing serious consequences.

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