Auto parts industry digital economy innovation and Development Forum "quenches thirst"

"What we used to do was office automation, and we really didn't understand the industrial Internet. Now we understand it a little bit." "look at what Xuyang did, and we'll learn from it later"... On the 26th, the 2022 Changchun auto parts industry digital economy innovation and development forum was held in Changchun International Automobile City. Enterprise representatives of Changchun auto parts industry expressed that the forum was very "thirsty".

At the forum, experts from digital leading enterprises such as SAP, Dalian Xinhua and ChinaSoft Yunzhi brought vivid "digital + industry" innovation and development sharing to the member enterprises of Changchun auto parts manufacturing chamber of Commerce, helping Changchun auto parts industry to open a new journey of digital economic development. Changchun Xuyang industry (Group) Co., Ltd. also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with SAP (China) Co., Ltd. to jointly promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

This forum was originally only a signing between Xuyang group and SAP. "This is a rare opportunity. In the great transformation of the 'new four modernizations', Xuyang needs to be digitized, and Changchun auto parts industry also needs to be digitized." the relevant person in charge of Changchun Auto Development Zone told the reporter that thanks to the good partnership between Xuyang group and the auto Development Zone and Changchun auto parts manufacturing chamber of Commerce, "the three parties jointly promoted this activity to be an innovative development forum for Changchun auto parts industry."

This forum is one of a series of measures taken by the automobile development zone and Changchun chamber of Commerce for automobile parts manufacturing to promote the implementation of the "four services" and achieve results. The purpose is to help Changchun auto parts industry deeply connect with the world's leading digital solutions, application scenarios and demonstration cases, give full play to the amplification, superposition and multiplication effect of digital transformation on enterprise development, accelerate the construction of their own industrial Internet systems, realize the core value of improving quality, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, promote the industry to accelerate digital transformation, and quickly adapt to the tide of "new four modernizations" of the global auto industry, To build a "double first-class" high-efficiency.

The forum focuses on the "new four modernizations" spring tide. The auto parts enterprises are facing new challenges such as insufficient innovation capacity, low added value of products, continuous improvement of supply chain and labor cost, which has brought innovation power to Changchun auto parts industry. Sun Huimin, a senior expert in SAP auto parts industry, took the theme of "digital transformation in the cloud era, enabling high-quality development of enterprises" as the theme, and shared with enterprise representatives the concepts, methods and paths of digital enabling high-quality development of traditional industries and enterprises under the "new four modernizations" scenario. Industry experts with rich practical experience elaborated the practical operation methods of digital transformation of auto parts enterprises for enterprise representatives.

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