What are the differences between the types of cars and auto parts?

We often find that the classification and classification of the cars and auto parts we come into contact with are different, because different auto companies or different brands of cars have different classification methods.

Among the jetta cars that we often come into contact with in Volkswagen, jetta cars divide the car parts into nine categories, including engine, fuel exhaust and cooling device, transmission, {front axle, differential transmission and steering control device}, rear axle, wheel and brake, hand control and pedal lever device, body and electrical equipment. But Honda, which is also common in our life, divides the parts of the car into 12 categories, including engine mechanism. Exhaust system and cooling system, fuel and engine control, body electrical appliances, drive train and axle. Suspension, engine electrical appliances, braking system, steering system, vehicle body and others. Therefore, we can see that the classification designed by these two vehicles is different because of the different brands.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that we must value the index of the automobile assembly classification, so that professionals can study it.

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