Hengniu company weekly meeting

Hengniu company will carry out a weekly summary on Saturday every week. The director of each department will make a summary of the work of his department and point out the shortcomings and advantages of the Department. If problems are found, they should be put forward in a timely manner for joint discussion and discussion of solutions. We require that there should be discussion, resolution and action at the meeting. It is not only a requirement for ourselves, but also strengthens our management, so that hengniu enterprise can create more glory!

To convey the company's business philosophy and coordinate the company's objectives, let us pool our wisdom to jointly solve problems and crises. The summary of each weekly meeting makes the staff present brainstorm, seek creativity, break through the blind spots of operation, and let all departments review and improve their deficiencies. Finally, the notification function is achieved!

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The oil pump for the ride is usually installed in the right crankcase body, and can only be seen by removing the magnetic motor, the right cover of the crankcase, etc. The oil pump usually rarely malfunctions.

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How to install the camshaft on a motorcycle requires removing the cylinder head, cylinder block, magneto side cover, and magneto to replace it. Moreover, the camshaft and timing teeth need to be replaced simultaneously, and the crankshaft timing teeth also involve special tools and alignment.

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If the shift fork is damaged, it may cause gear loss, jumping, and difficulty changing gears; Due to damage to the shift fork, the transmission is unable to shift the synchronizer to the engaged position, resulting in the synchronizer not being able to mesh perfectly with the engagement sleeve.

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The filter accuracy of oil filter is within 10 μ~ fifteen μ Its function is to remove impurities in the oil and protect the normal operation of the bearing and rotor. If the oil filter is blocked, it may cause insufficient fuel injection, affect the service life of the main engine bearing, increase the exhaust temperature of the engine head or even shut down.

Auto parts industry digital economy innovation and Development Forum "quenches thirst"

"What we used to do was office automation, and we really didn't understand the industrial Internet. Now we understand it a little bit." "look at what Xuyang did, and we'll learn from it later"...