The last morning meeting in 2018

On December 24, 2018, the morning meeting of hengniu company was held as scheduled. Every member arrived at the meeting place before the specified time. Everyone was full of energy and seemed not afraid of the cold in the early morning and winter.


The morning meeting is the medium to spread the corporate culture, which can cultivate good habits and behavior concepts. Through the morning meeting, the work education, work ethics and work habits can be publicized, constantly promoted, and continuous improvement will certainly reap benefits, so as to improve the quality of the employees of the whole company. In the morning meeting, the heads of all departments shall report the latest work and arrange the work tasks of the day. Facilitate information exchange between departments. Management personnel at all levels clean up and control everyone and everything in an all-round way, so as to improve the mental outlook of employees, create an organizational learning culture, establish a mutual inspection, supervision and assessment mechanism, focus on the company's brand culture, guide enterprise behavior, and improve core competitiveness. Through the morning meeting, each workshop can carry out production arrangement, market reaction and transmission of superior instructions, so that employees can better understand the company's policies, market operation and their own work direction, and improve work efficiency.


Every member of hengniu company reviews, analyzes and corrects quality abnormalities through tracking and management in the morning meeting, and reviews past work, summarizes experience and corrects deficiencies. At the end of 2018, every member of hengniu company will use 100% efforts to draw a successful conclusion! At the end of the morning meeting, Mr. Liu sent the fruits of peace to every employee, and the most sincere peace wishes to every employee!

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